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Plaguebearer is a game in which you play a plague doctor who is trying to cure a fantasy city one square at a time.  You will search for infected citizens and cure them.  The game starts easy, with plenty of time to search for citizens and cure them before more become infected, however the game adapts the difficulty with each play.  It will get harder as you win and easier if you lose. 
W,A,S,D to walk
Hold [Left Shift] and walk controls to run
You can jump with Spacebar, but there's no reason (left that in for now)
To open or close a door, go up to the door and press the "E" key
Walk around the city to find infected citizens.  It's pretty obvious who is infected.
Walk up to an infected citizen until you see the syringe.
Hold down "E" to draw blood.  Don't just press E, hold it down.
Walk back to your lab and go in front of the lab table there. 
Hold down "E" to create a cure at your lab.  This will make a couple of inoculations.
Go back into town to find infected citizens.
Hold down "E" to administer the cure.
Continue drawing blood and administering the cure until all citizens are healed.  You win if you cure all the living citizens.  You lose if everyone becomes infected and dies.
The game is intended to make you search around for infected, some of them will be in houses, some out in the open.  However, if you struggle with finding them, you can press "M" for a minimap that shows citizens (green) and infected citizens (red). 
Your lab is in the middle of the city square and is surrounded by fences to make it stand out a bit. 
Each citizen has four levels of infection at the end of which they will die if not cured.
The difficulty is adaptive, making the time between infections less and increasing the starting number of infected.  However, you can reset the difficulty back to the starting difficulty in the Settings Menu.
I have a whole list of features I'd like to implement, but want to make sure this works ok and is fun to play.  You can see my list here:  https://trello.com/b/OUlq9PPw/game-plaguebearer

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsGame Jam, Monsters, plague
Average sessionAbout an hour

Install instructions

Unzip and run exe file on Windows system.  


PlaguebearerV2.zip 166 MB


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really liked all the game mechanics really cool here is my playthrough 

Thanks for giving it a play!  It was good fun making it in less than a month, but some playtesting like this would have been good to show that I needed to make it easier to find the infected citizens and your lab.